Fourth Annual SPIMEX Russia’s Commodities Market 2019 will be held in Moscow on 28 November 2019


The Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX) announces the date of its annual forum. The Fourth Annual SPIMEX Russia’s Commodities Market 2019, a key industry event of the year, will be held in Moscow on 28 November 2019*.
Venue: ‘Digital Business Space’ (TsDP), 47 Pokrovka Street, Moscow.
About 400 delegates represent SPIMEX trading participants that operate in oil, natural gas, timber and chemical branches of the Russian economy as well as traders, brokers, banks and financial companies. The event will host discussions on the development of all the above-mentioned sectors of the Russian organized commodity market as well as new prospective markets.
The forum in particular will focus on the fifth anniversary of the launch of trading in the SPIMEX Natural Gas Section in 2014. The official partner of this special event is ‘Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Postavka’ OOO, a Russian midstream company. At a plenary meeting of the forum, delegates will discuss challenges and perspectives of the domestic organized natural gas market: policy of the regulators, measures to be taken to raise liquidity in the on-exchange gas market, switch to commercial balancing as well as new products.
Other key topics of the forum include:
  • Transformation of the agenda in the field of on-exchange commodity trading for energy companies: transparency, control and self-regulation of the trading participants. Price regulation, government’s excise policy and on-exchange commodity trading.
  • Creation of digital space in the field of on-exchange commodity trading envisaged by the 2018-2020 National Competitiveness Promotion Plan: how the relevant Road Map of the Russian Government on promotion of competitiveness and fair pricing in the national economy is being implemented in the domestic on-exchange commodity markets.
  • An on-exchange trading revolution in the Russian timber industry. Promotion of organized trading in domestic and export timber markets – how on-exchange trading may facilitate the process of moving away from the grey zone.
  • SPIMEX Commodity Derivatives Market ecosystem - evolution and promotion. Physically-settled refined product futures contracts: are they a new pricing tool, a new sales channel or a price risk hedging instrument? Next steps and development perspectives for cash-settled futures contracts, futures on Russian exported refined products, swaps and spreads.
  • Prospective markets. A commodity exchange of tomorrow: growth options for organized commodity markets that trade in mineral fertilizers, coal, electric power, iron and steel scrap and biological resources.

The forum speakers will include officials of the Russian Energy Ministry, the Bank of Russia, the Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia, the State Duma (the lower house of the Russian Parliament) and other federal and regional authorities. Reports will be presented by heads of the major Russian and overseas companies that trade in the commodities markets of Russia and other members of the Eurasian Economic Union as well as by independent researchers.
The forum will also host the ‘Russia’s Organized Commodities Market’ Annual Award Ceremony. The awards are granted to trading participants and officials who made the greatest contribution to the development and promotion of technologies used in the Russian on-exchange commodity markets.

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