SPIMEX in Bloomberg terminal

Trading Session at the SPIMEX Derivatives Market: 11:00 - 18:45 Moscow Time

THE BLOOMBERG provides 24-hour instant, accurate and current financial, economic and political information covering all market sectors. It also provides analytics, historical data, up-to-the minute news reports, economic statistics and political comments. Nowadays, the largest Russian commodity exchange, Saint Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange, has joined the Bloomberg family: all the required information is now available in the terminal.

The overall information can be divided into four parts: Commodity Exchange Overview, Available Instruments, Graph Analysis and News.

Commodity Exchange Overview:

Basic data of the Exchange can be brought up by typing EPRX SPIM <GO> (+Enter) in the search panel (pic 1.).

This section contains the following information:

  • The Exchange Portrait
  • Vital news, events and basic contacts
  • Profile Activities

Picture 1. Description of the Exchange
Source: Bloomberg terminal

Available Instruments

In order to obtain the list of the instruments traded, type CEM SPX <GO> in the search panel. Listed instruments are presented in the form of customizable table (pic 2). If needed, the contents of the table can be changed either through points 92 and 93or through special filter line.

By clicking on the name of the instrument, any user can open the detailed information about it. Besides, the same result can be reached by using one of the special codes. For instance, the code for getting access to the export oil futures Urals page, one of the most liquid and rapidly evolving instruments, we may type SPC1 Comdty DES in the search panel (pic. 3).

Picture 2. Listed commodities and derivatives
Source: Bloomberg terminal

This charter provides all users with comprehensive data regarding Urals:

  • History of the instrument
  • Contract specifications
  • Trading Hours
  • List of active Contracts and related instruments
  • Simplified default graph

Picture 3. Urals Page
Source: Bloomberg terminal

The second page of the description includes generic code of the contract and linked instruments (pic. 4)

Picture 4. Urals Page “Linked instruments”
Source: Bloomberg terminal

Graph Analysis

The Bloomberg terminal has a wide range of analytical tools for traders. For opening the graph of Urals futures user can type GP <GO> and then choose the name of the contract SPC1 Comdty in the search panel.

After the search, the working screen will change for what is presented on the picture 5. As can be seen, Bloomberg loads a continuous futures chart. Basic parameters of the graph display are situated on the top-left corner (1). The most used are the timeframe options, general period and the style of the chart. More advanced settings can be set through the “Chart Content” Panel (2).

Picture 5. Urals Graph
Source: Bloomberg terminal

Simply put, Chart Content Panel is a user-friendly search application. Typing the key words and implementing the search (point 41), one can add almost any analytical tools, other financial instrument or index for comparison etc. On the picture 6 we added Simple Moving Average (MA) – trend indicator, Volumes of trades, News Headlines and highlighted the value of the Last Price.

By removal and picking the tools, one can easily tailor his or hers chart to the needs of the analysis. In order to get the information of the price, a user needs to put the cursor on the graph. Picture 6 reflects that the appearing screen contains useful brief data.

Any user can not only operate with the Close Price, but also can turn to different basics. Picture 7 portrays a very common modification of classic price chart: Bid/Ask Graph

Picture 6. Urals Chart. Chart Content Panel
Source: Bloomberg terminal

Picture 7. Urals Chart. Bid and Ask Prices
Source: Bloomberg terminal


The last but certainly not the least vital tool in the Bloomberg’s arsenal is the news overview. The most convenient way of obtaining the relevant updates on a topic, is just typing it in the main search panel. This method is illustrated on picture 8.

Picture 8. News on Urals
Source: Bloomberg terminal

The list shows all the news, connected with Urals. So that a client could convey more detailed research, Bloomberg specialists developed Customized searches and different Sources options (1).


This set of tools and methods makes trading on SPIMEX a much more pleasant experience and contributes to the effectiveness of the analysis of the listed instruments. For the convenience of our clients, we have gathered the most commonly used commands in respect of Commodity Markets in Bloomberg:

  • < GLCO >: Global commodities.
  • < ECO >: Economic data releases for the week, by region.
  • < ECST >: World economic statistics.
  • < ECOW >: Economic Data Watch.
  • < DES >: it provides a brief description of the company, the market capitalization, top-management, 1-year return, etc.
  • < GP >: it provides the price chart of the stock, commodity etc.
  • < GF >: it provides a graph of financial fundamentals (you can choose the variable you like).
  • < BMAP >: Bloomberg commodity map: plot world map, and identify reserves of different commodities (e.g. oil, gold, etc.), mines, vessels routes, etc.
  • < CCRV >: commodity curve analysis. This function, applied to a commodity returns the curve based on futures for different maturity dates. It is also possible to super-impose on the same plot past curves to analyze the change in expectations regarding the commodity prices.
  • < MAIN >: This general function provides a list of the main functions you can use.
  • < NEW >: This function provides a list of the new features and improvements of Bloomberg. You can search within different categories (i.e., fixed-income, equity, mobile, etc.).
  • < HELP >: Type the function followed by the topic you need help with.

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