SPIMEX Derivatives Market Profile

SPIMEX Derivatives Market is one of the top priorities of the Exchange.

SPIMEX develops the derivatives market relying on its fully-fledged refined products spot market powered by time-tested technologies of order matching and execution.

Today, SPIMEX Derivatives Market is a venue that comprises:

  • more than 50 Trading Participants;
  • a central counterparty (CCP);
  • a mature system of market-makers.

SPIMEX Derivatives Markets evolution:

  • 17 Dec 2010 – the start of trades in a deliverable futures contract for Summer Diesel delivered by refineries located in the central Russian regions around Moscow;
  • 19 Oct 2012 – launch of cash-settled futures contracts on SPIMEX indices for Summer Diesel, Gasoline, Fuel Oil and Jet Fuel;
  • 2 Dec 2013 – an addition of a cash-settled futures contract on SPIMEX indices for Winter Diesel to the list of already available products;
  • 29 Nov 2016 – launch of the deliverable SPIMEX Urals Crude Futures contract (FOB, Primorsk) which has to become a core of a new pricing mechanism for exported Russian crude oil by setting a direct quotation without any reference to other - crude grades and filling the gap between physical "wet" barrels and futures traded "paper" barrels. The contract size is 1,000 bbls priced in US Dollars with Standard Delivery equal to 720,000 bbls (100,000 mt). A variety of assets is accepted for margining purpose including Rubles. (for details please turn to: Urals Crude Futures).

Derivatives may be effectively used for hedging - price risk and executing various trading strategies. A mix of deliverable and cash-settled futures offers new opportunities for derivatives market professionals to broaden their client base.

Trading hours: Mon-Fri, 11:00 – 18:45 Moscow Time.

For Membership and any other information on the SPIMEX Derivatives Market please contact the Customer Service at: +7 (495) 380-04-14 or via


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