SPIMEX Hosts a Presentation of PVM Smart Learning Program

On 26 and 27 July 2017, PVM Smart Learning, a London-based consulting company, presented its training courses for crude oil traders.

PVM Smart Learning is a joint venture between PVM, one of the world’s leading independent oil brokers, and Smart Global Trading, a niche oil consulting firm. 
The first day of the event was held as the visiting session of the Urals Crude Futures sub-committee of the Exchange Committee attended by key stakeholders of the Russian market for exchange-traded energy commodities: largest domestic petroleum companies, oil traders and brokers, financial institutions and regulators (the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and the Bank of Russia). 
Martin Read, Managing Director of PVM Smart Learning, presented information on the firm’s team of experts and then elaborated on the training courses for crude oil traders offered by the company including a prospective course for traders in the SPIMEX Urals Crude Futures (FOB Primorsk). Price risk management training programs were also high in the agenda. The second day was mainly devoted to trading simulations.
In the opinion of Mikhail Temnichenko, First Vice President of SPIMEX, cooperation between SPIMEX and PVM Smart Learning will raise the professional level of the market participants which trade in the SPIMEX Urals Crude Futures (FOB Primorsk). Such training will help to build effective trading strategies and incorporate them in the overall business process of market participants.
Saint Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX) is the largest Russian commodity exchange which offers a wide range of products traded both in its Commodities Sections (refined products, crude oil, natural gas, LPG, timber and construction materials) and in its Derivatives Section. The Exchange’s key task is operating a transparent price formation mechanism to ensure fair prices for the commodities produced in Russia. SPIMEX was incorporated in 2008.
PVM, part of TP ICAP group, is the world’s leading broker of oil instruments and has been the world’s leading crude oil broker for the past 40 years. PVM was established in 1971 and became part of Tullett Prebon plc. in 2014. PVM employs 150 people with offices in London, Vienna, New York, Houston and Singapore. With an average daily turnover of 100 million barrels of OTC and futures volume, the group also provides consultancy, analytical, software and training services.

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