District price indices track the price performance of petroleum products in each of the eight large cities that are Consumption Centres of their respective Districts. There are two types of indices – district indices calculated based on exchange traded contracts and district OTC indices calculated based on over-the-counter trades registered on the exchange. Calculation methodologies for both are based on the same principle.

SPIMEX calculates indices for the following Consumption Centres:

  • Moscow (Central District);
  • St. Petersburg (Northwestern District);
  • Rostov (Southern District);
  • Samara (Volga District);
  • Yekaterinburg (Ural District);
  • Novosibirsk (Western Siberian District);
  • Irkutsk (Eastern Siberian District);
  • Khabarovsk (Far Eastern District).

District indices’ values are calculated as a weighted sum of Prices at refineries, for exchange traded or OTC contracts respectively, adjusted for the cost of transportation of the product from the refinery’s Delivery Point to the Consumption Centre by rail. Weighted coefficients of refineries are defined based on the data on petroleum products supplies from Russian refineries and reflect the share of a refinery’s supplies in the total consumption of the corresponding District.

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