Technical access to the Electronic Trading System

The services of technical access to the Electronic Trading System within the Derivatives Market of “SPIMEX” are available:

  • via the remote workplaces of the exchange using the Internet public access network;
  • using broker systems and dedicated channels of providers or VPN arranged over the Internet between the member and the exchange.

Procedure for Obtaining of Technical Access to the ETS within the Derivatives Market

Important! Since 30 July 2015 the new version of the Rules for Electronic Document Flow of SDCO (JSC) has become effective (minutes No. П-15/2015 of 30 July 2015), as well as the new version of the document on Basic Tariffs for arrangement of the electronic document flow system has come into effect under the following new name: Tariffs for Certification Authority Services and Amendments and Additions to the Tariffs of SDCO (JSC).

  1. If the broker system is connected, choose the method of connection to the network of “SPIMEX”.
  2. Conclude the Contract for Agreement to Comply with the Electronic Document Flow Rules (EDF) with SDCO (JSC). Sign it within its own entity. You can find The Rules for Electronic Document Flow here.
  3. Fill in an application (select the “Submission of Order and Sending Procedure” option) for rendering of Certification Authority services and for obtaining of e-Token PRO Java USB keys and licenses for CryptoPro CSP.
  4. Check if your PC characteristics meet the requirements for the user’s workplace (see clauses 1 and 2 of the Guide).
  5. Install relevant software at your workplace as prescribed by clauses 3, 4 and 5 of the Guide.
  6. Follow the instructions given in sub-clauses 1b and 1с at page.

    Note! Either remember or store the Temporary Access Code assigned to you. The Certification Authority (CA) registers the user and notifies him of such registration by sending a message at the e-mail address specified in the User Registration Application.

  7. Upon receipt of the notice on readiness of the digital signature key, you need to follow the steps described in the guide.
  8. Review the Terms and Conditions of Providing of JSC SPIMEX Trading Member with Software and/or Hardware for Remote Access to the Services of the Exchange and conclude the Contract for Rendering of Services of Providing JSC SPIMEX Trading Member with Software and/or Hardware for Remote Access to the Services of the Exchange.
  9. Install the root certificate of the SDCO’s CA and the SPIMEX Front Office certificate according to clause 6 of the Guide.
  10. Install the digital signature key according to clause 7 of the Guide.
  11. Following clause 8 of the Guide, submit the certificates of digital signature verification keys obtained from SDCO (JSC) to the system. For initial connection, select the “Registration of the first entity's trader” option ("Регистрация первого трейдера организации"), complete the active fields of the form. In response, the Record of Registration of the Trading Member’s Authorized Representative with codes of access to the Trading System will be sent to your electronic mail address within 3 working days (if the Exchange has accepted the power of attorney for the trader).
  12. Read the User’s AWP manual.
  13. Connect to the trading system of “SPIMEX” according to clause 9 of the Guide.
  14. Trading reports may be received upon termination of trading using the Back Office of the User Account, the Remote Client Service System. You may log in to the User Account on the home page of the Exchange’s website (, User Account button in the upper right corner). Settings of the personal computer for accessing the User Account are described in Section 3 of the Guide for Connection to the User Account.
  15. To connect to the clearing member’s workplace, you need to apply to SDCO (JSC).

Guides for Installation, Configuration and Connection of the User’s Remote Workplace

Guides for Operation of the User’s Remote Workplace

Verification of Digital Signature in XML Reports

Additional Documents

Scheduled updating of digital signature keys

According to the Regulations of the Certification Authority of the Electronic Document Flow System of SDCO (JSC):
“Scheduled updating of keys shall be carried out within the validity period of the private key of the Certification Authority’s User but not later than fourteen (14) calendar days before expiration of the validity term of the private key belonging to the Certification Authority’s User.

Unscheduled updating of keys shall be carried out by the user in the following cases:

  • in case of compromise of the private key belonging to the Certification Authority’s User;
  • in case of compromise of the private key belonging to the authorized person of the Certification Authority;
  • if for some reason the user has not been able to carry out scheduled updating of keys within the terms established for this procedure;
  • in other cases caused by force-majeure circumstances.

Useful information

Certificate Registration within the Exchange’s Information Systems

Contact details:

Service for Support of the Electronic Trading System, User Account: +7 (495) 380-04-10
Certification Authority of SDCO (JSC): +7 (495) 380-13-25 (ext. 3400)
+7 (495) 380-13-26 (ext. 3400)

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