Russia’s Commodities Market 2018 - Moscow

Russia’s Commodities Market 2018 – Moscow

22 November 2018

Metropol Hotel, Moscow, Russia

The forum is the premier event of the year in the Russian organized commodities market. It is arranged by the Saint Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX).

The forum will focus on:

  • promotion of competition in the commodities markets as envisaged by the 2018-2020 National Competitiveness Promotion Plan set out in Decree 618 signed by the President of Russia on 21 December 2017;
  • refined products market (the core of the Russia’s commodities market): transparent pricing and arm’s length indices; new contracts; links to transportation infrastructure and Russian regions;
  • price discovery tools for exported Russian crude oil and refined products: SPIMEX Urals Crude futures; SPIMEX ESPO Crude futures and SPIMEX ULSD futures;
  • SPIMEX Derivatives Market: futures contracts traded in the domestic Russian market;
  • natural gas: prospects of a further rise in volumes traded; SPIMEX Natural Gas indices and switch to commercial balancing;
  • SPIMEX Timber Market: expanding geographic reach; contracts on the exported timber and new designated delivery points;
  • prospective SPIMEX markets: fertilizers; electric power and other promising commodities markets;
  • SPIMEX Data Services: indices and OTC transactions registration.

The speakers include officials of the Russian Energy Ministry, the Bank of Russia, the Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia, the State Duma (the lower house of the Russian Parliament), etc. as well as representative of domestic and overseas companies that trade in the Russian organized commodities market, overseas exchanges and market infrastructure entities.

Registered participants attend the forum free of charge.

The forum starts at 10 a.m.

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